Error when query: Table 'webdba_dbsqware_com.tsqw_AllTables' doesn't exist

Whole query: select p.dbalias, p.gather_date, p.space_name, p.table_name, p.options
from tsqw_AllTables p
where  ( '' in ('Admin', 'AdminView') 
		or exists (select 1 from tsqw_AccessLoginsCache where username='' and tsqw_AccessLoginsCache.dbalias=p.dbalias)
	and exists (select 1 from tsqw_Repository ref where ref.rdbmstype like '%' and ref.dbalias=p.dbalias)
order by 1, 3, 4

Fatal error: Call to a member function close() on a non-object in /home/ on line 121