This site is a demonstration of the tool SQWareWeb™, module of dbSQWare™.
        Demonstration contains datas for Oracle and MySql.
        Sybase, MsSql, DB2-LUW and Ingres are present only to see the game menu.

        SQWareWeb™ formats (graphs or tables) datas uploaded in SQWareRepository™ by many scripts of SQWareProduction™.
        Almost all of the data presented are dynamically generated (volumes, versions, ...),
        only the data type repository or settings are stored manually in the relevant tables.

        Examples of pages presented :
        *Inventory for all RDBMS with volumetry, version, environnement, ...
        *Distribution of instances in number/volumetry per environnement/client/version
        *Detail of volumetry (FS, databases, TBS, tables, ...)
        *Trace of scripts executions of SQWareProduction™ (beginning, end, options, duration, return code, ...)
        *Performances datas
        *Capacity planning